Motor Jasa Adjusters Sdn Bhd enjoys the "First Pioneer Advantage" in almost every area of its expertise as we specialize in incorporating innovative solutions for our customers and customizing various solutions for them. We continuosly strive to prove to our clients and the community that we are always there for you.


Excellence in Quality Of Service, Speedy Delivery and Reliability In Performance.


Our objectives are to provide our valued clients with exceeding standard of service and timely deliverables without compromising on quality.

Our Clients

Own Damage Surveys

To attend surveys within 24 hours of the appoinments so as to not allow any tempering and further inflation of the cost of repairs.

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Theft Investigations

To contact the insured for additional information that would help the recovery of the lost vehicle and also to identify any malicious intention.

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Bodily Claim Investigations

To probe further into the circumstances of accident and justify the nature of the claim with the relevant authorities to minimize the quantum of the loss.

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